The Best Wellness Gifts for Healthy Travelers | Travel Enzine

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Candle: Philip Friedman. Other products: Courtesy of the retailers

These days, it’s practically impossible to scroll through Instagram without someone letting you in on his or her self-care routine.

Meditation and yoga practices, mindful journaling, checking into wellness retreats, and the like are no longer reserved for the self-actualized. They’ve become approachable enough for anyone and everyone who seeks a grounding pause in the chaos of their everyday lives.

Some find solace in long runs, pounding pavement or sand or packed trail with stride after stride as their thoughts empty. For them, we’ve curated a selection of fitness gifts, from an absurdly comfortable pair of high-fashion sneakers to a ballet-inspired bodysuit from a just-launched activewear line out of Paris. 

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Some press the reset button with their skincare rituals. Might we suggest a circulation-promoting body brush to combat a tired visage and jet-lagged limbs? Or perhaps a chic glass water bottle to tote along the complexion-boosting elixirs they swear by?

And some quiet their minds by slipping into cozy clothes and indulging in the fine art of lounging. A luxurious candle, a Mongolian cashmere throw, and healing bath salts will become their go-tos for many a Sunday afternoon to come.