A top-level rebranding for the newly renamed Excellence Collection: Travel Weekly

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Gay Nagle Myers
Gay Nagle Myers

When a hotel group announces a rebranding strategy, what does that mean?

I wondered that when the Excellence Group Luxury Hotels and Resorts said that it had changed its name in a rebranding initiative and "entered the next era as 'The Excellence Collection,'" according to Domingo Aznar, vice president of sales and marketing for the company.

The Excellence Collection, as it is now known, is a family owned and operated, all-inclusive hotel group that encompasses three high-end brands: the adults-only Excellence Resorts and Beloved Hotels and the all-ages-welcome Finest Resorts. Together there are seven resorts with a total of 2,722 suites in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. Its most recent opening was the Excellence Oyster Bay in Montego Bay, Jamaica; an eighth resort, the 450-suite Finest Punta Cana, is slated to open next year.

The name change to the Excellence Collection "better reflects the sophisticated style that has characterized our company for nearly two decades, which is a personal and curated approach to luxury and service," according to Aznar.

"This rebranding stems from two things," he said. "First is a desire to reflect the modern sophistication and high-end service already found throughout our resort properties. Second, as we continued to expand to even more resorts, it made sense to create a name that set the company apart as the parent of three different but equally luxurious concepts."

With the new brand identity came subtle changes to the logos for each of the three brands.

The logo for the Excellence Resorts properties, for example, is a small flower symbol above the brand name. The flower chosen for each property was inspired by local plants and flowers.

Finest Resorts added a small golden sun above the name "to represent how much fun under the sun all our guests can have when they vacation at Finest Playa Mujeres or the new Finest Punta Cana in 2020," Aznar said. And the logo for Beloved Hotels features a heart within a circle to represent the romantic atmosphere found at the boutique brand's properties.

The rebranding strategy also focuses on the offerings available at each property as defined in three pillars. "With the three pillars of Bespoke Service, Extraordinary Moments and Innovative Curation at the core of the Excellence Collection, the parent brand is a promise made to each and every guest to deliver an authentic experience that lasts well beyond the guest's stay," he said.

"What is Bespoke Service?" I asked.

"A commitment to come together as a team to create an intimate, friendly, welcoming experience for our guests through accommodations, attentive staff and the highest ethical standards," Aznar said.

Innovative Curation is a commitment "to creating lasting memories by staying ahead of the curve in food, mixology, entertainment and wellness, doing away with all limits to comfort and enjoyment for an experience to remember," according to Aznar.

And for guests that want an active itinerary or more of an unwind, "we are here to give them Extraordinary Moments that will last well beyond their stay," he said.