Mexico City food tours cater to vegans, families and more: Travel Weekly

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Eat Like a Local Mexico City, an insider's food tour of the streets of Mexico City, has launched four new diverse food tours and experiences designed to take travelers to hidden gastronomic gems that are typically frequented by locals.

The Vegan Market & Roma Norte Adventure highlights local Mexican vegan dishes, as well as vegan restaurants in the trendy Roma neighborhood. Along the tour, visit coffee shops and street food carts at the local flower market. Sample grilled corn, squash blossom cheese-free quesadillas, and 12 local varieties of fruit. The tour also includes non-vegan restaurants that have exceptional vegan dishes, including one of Enrique Olvera's restaurants, Pujol. 

Another Roma tour, Roma Norte at Night: Mezcal & Pulque, first stops for street corn slathered in mayo, lime, cheese, and chili powder. Tortas follow, packed with slow-cooked brisket. The group also visits a local stall that has been serving campechano for more than 60 years (pork rinds and steak wrapped in a tortilla). Other highlights include street quesadillas, churros and pulque, an indigenous beverage made with agave juice, fruits, and sometimes caramel.

Families traveling with children can take the Food Tour with Kids, which starts in the Condesa neighborhood with coffee and chocolate sampling. The foodie adventure takes parents and kids to the flower market to sample tacos, cheese quesadillas, candy, corn, ice cream and more. Parents can relax while Eat Like a Local's expert guides create challenges and adventures for the children to keep them engaged. Kids will join the Brave and Adventurous Kids Travelers Club with a commemorative pin as a token of finishing the tour.

The Food Tour for Bachelors and Bachelorettes is a special tour curated for groups the day after a bachelor or bachelorette party's big night out. The tours begin at 11:30 a.m. with a refreshing coconut water and coffee. Take the subway to the flower market for beer, carnitas, candy, fruit, and more. The group then participates in pulque tasting at a 100-year-old pulqueria. Experience an alcohol-based ice cream shop, tasting the mezcal and passion fruit or margarita sorbet, as well as mezcal, Mexican wine or craft beer.

Each tour is $110 per person. The organizer for the bachelor or bachelorette party tour attends for free.