Complete List of Outdoor Activities to Do in Vietnam in 4 Days | What to Do

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1 Day Tour of Hanoi City

hanoi day trip at old quarter

On your rest days after climbing in Vietnam, there’s plenty of non-rock climbing outdoor activities to enjoy in Vietnam, and one of the must-dos is walk through old quarters in Hanoi city in the day time AND at night. Its a crazy chaotic mess of traffic and food stalls and shops and moving stalls and flowers!

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Chaos and colour yet so beautifully synchronised. On the streets of Old Town Hanoi. #hanoioldtown #colours

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At night, it transforms into a full on night market and nightlife street with plenty of places to chill, BBQ, grab a bite and more.

best of vietnam food tours and <a href='' title='halong bay Cruise'>halong bay Cruise</a> trips

Halong Bay Boat and Cruise Ride

Apart from the great deep water soloing you can find in Halong Bay, the area is also a World Heritage Site, meaning that it’s a beautiful place to hop on a boat tour and enjoy the views.

Vietnam is teeming with gorgeous rivers and bays.

From luxury cruises to kayaks, there are plenty of ways to see the bay and surrounding area like monkey island.

monkey bay during our day tour at <a href='' title='Halong Bay'>Halong Bay</a>

Small Boat Ride in Ninh Binh

Another boat ride that I recommend is down the river in Ninh Binh, where you can visit Tam Coc or Trang An. A boat tour will offer you some of the most beautiful views of Ninh Binh, and you’ll be sure to have a relaxing rest day.

Cruising down the river in Ninh Binh.

If you’re looking for a more upbeat day off from climbing, try checking out Hanoi City. There’s tons of gorgeous ancient architecture to explore, and if you’re in the city, be sure to check out the amazing culinary scene.

If you want to do some rock climbing in Vietnam, check out the video below or the link

Watch here for my outdoor rock climbing in Vietnam

The Food Trails and Culinary Options of Vietnam

Vietnamese Beef or Chicken Pho (Phở)

Enjoy some beef or chicken pho in a number of restaurants in the city. Pho is a Vietnamese soup made from light clear beef broth with rice noodles and thinly cut beef or chicken slices.

Treat yourself to some traditional Vietnamese food after a bouldering session at one of the indoor gyms!

Vietnamese Baquette Bánh Mì

If you’re looking for a quicker meal on-the-go, grab a yummy baguette sandwich by the streets.

Vietnamese Hipster Cafes

Check out one of these super nice hipster cafes we visited called Hidden Gem. It was absolutely beautiful and completely made out of recycled materials. Its really nice to see how a bustling town in Hanoi with so much takeaway boxes and plastic, and there is a cafe that is willing to

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This hidden gem💎 in Hanoi is only officially opened for 3 weeks but it is in fact much more 'vintage' than that..coz everything in this coffee shop is made from reusable materials. Incredible and impressive! Being eco and environmental enthusiast, there is great heart and dedication of the shop owners to minimise the carbon footprint as much as possible in the process of making this shop. Every single chair, deco and object here is carefully created and handcrafted out of old bottles/ chains/ pails/ machinery and spare parts, and you can see the 💗 heart and passion of the owner when he shares with us about the long process to complete it. We had a great coffee and juice break here admiring the murals before jumping back into the crowded weekend streets of Hanoi. A really lovely experience. #HanoiBackstreetTours #EcoCafe #GreenCafe #HanoiCoffee

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Best Authetic Egg Coffee in Vietnam

Egg coffee.

Before leaving Hanoi, be sure to try egg coffee, a local Hanoi specialty since the world war when the French conquered the country. Egg coffee is a creamy drink that taste like tiramisu in a little cup. Its made of meringue-like egg white foam whipped into a thick shot of rich Vietnamese coffee. If yo are not a coffee drinker, you can opt for Egg Chocolate which is equally delicious.

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Hidden Crannies and Alleys in Hanoi. Only the locals know. 🤫 #backstreet #hanoi

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Cafe Giang claims to have invented the recipe, but you can get your egg coffee fix all over the city. Though you may be coming to Vietnam to rock climb, you can’t miss out on their spectacular local culinary scene!

Egg coffee best tiramisu in a cup drink in the world only in hanoi vietnam

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