The Best Gift Ideas for Travelers | Travel Enzine

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Courtesy of Retailers

Share has become a go-to word for travelers. We’ve always shared our vacation photos, videos, and stories, but we’re also increasingly sharing our homes, our cars, and our dinner tables, thanks to companies like Airbnb. Human connection is often one of the most rewarding experiences of being in a new place. It's an indescribable feeling to find just as much warmth with a stranger as you have with your loved ones at home.

Our favorite gifts will help capture those memories, inspire future adventures, and make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Some gifts will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips. Xenvo's phone camera lenses, for instance, combine the artsy fun of a traditional camera with the gratification of an immediate share to your friends on Instagram.

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Some of the items that mean the most are the ones that help the wider world share in our good fortune. Give a lightweight camping hammock and you’ll also be funding outreach programs for underprivileged kids, or support efforts to conserve and promote U.S. National Parks with a cool graphic tee.

Whether it’s a gift for a holiday or a special occasion, these ideas will make meaningful presents for your fellow world wanderers. And don't miss out on the rest of Travel Enzine's 2018 Gift Guides, where we've curated this year's best gift ideas for anyone you're shopping for: coffee lovers, aviation geeks, long-distance friends, and many, many more.