Haiti Travel - Is Labadee safe?

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Travelling to Haiti - Is Labadee Safe?

Several governments are warning their citizens not to travel to Haiti due to continuing civil unrest, violence and a high risk to personal security. For more information, check out our travel alert for Haiti.

Labadee is a private resort and really isn't like the rest of Haiti. It's leased by Royal Caribbean International for it's cruise ships only and has a lower level of crime compared to the rest of the nation.

Beach Safety

The beaches of Labadee are pretty indeed. The areas closest to the dock tend to become crowded very quickly. There are shuttles that will take you a little further away to beaches which are equally as nice.

Labadee even has lifeguards watching the designated swimming areas, a nice precaution if you're concerned about your swimming abilities.

Snorkelling is also available, but is hampered somewhat by the resort's insistence on people using personal floation devices which make it tricky to dive under the water if you choose to do so.

The Atlantic side is a little more difficult for swimming due to sharp coral, undertows and strong winds occurring more often than not.

While not really much of a danger, travelers who choose to use the "Dragon's Breath" zip line would be well advised to follow all of the instructions to prevent being stranded in the middle of the bay in need of assistance. 

There's also a roller-coaster ride from the hill-top to the beach which is more scenic than thrilling.

Crafty Vendors

Haitian arts and crafts goods are available at Labadee via a fairly repetitive group of stalls offering Haitian goods of various sorts including Haitian rum. Prices are fairly standard for most cruise ports, namely incredibly overpriced, and vendors tend to be highly aggressive and will haggle.

Be careful when entering any of the buildings and make sure they're not a dead end. Haitian vendors have been known to stand in the doorway and attempt to block people from leaving until they buy something.

Don't fall for this trick though, while vendors can aggressive, Labadee is a protected resort and pointing this out will generally be enough. However, it is always easier to just avoid problems in the first place, so check to make sure that the building you enter has at least two exits.